ConfiDent® Plan 3100 for California

Great Savings on Your Dental & Orthodontic Care*

The ConfiDent® Plan 3100 offered by Newport Dental is a prepaid plan which offers significant savings on many dental services. Here's an example of the savings you can enjoy as a Plan Member:

Usual and
Customary Fees*
Your Cost with
Confident® 3100
Exam $134 No Charge
X-Rays $206 No Charge
Preventative Cleaning (adult-first) $123 $39
Filling (1 surface-adult) $188 $110
Extraction (uncomplicated) $206 $149
Crown (porcelain w/ metal) $1,243 $599
Total $2100 $897
In this case, Confident® Plan 3100 would save you 57% on your dental care, and depending on the type of dental care you need, you may save even more.*
* These are example savings only based on CA Dental Fee Survey. Your savings may differ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply complete the Membership Application form and mail it with your payment to:

Or, you may join directly at any one of our provider offices. Eligible dependents include wife or husband and children to the age of 26.

You and your family will choose your dentist from one of our conveiniently located offices. If for any reason you need to change offices or dentists, just contact our adminitrative office for assistance.

Plan Type Annual Cost
Individual $40
Couples $75
Families $110

Coverage to begin upon completion of application and acceptabnce by Plan Administrator or local representative.

Please call for an appointment at any of the listed Newport Dental ConfiDent® Plan Provider Offices. You will be responsible for the co-payments listed for each procedure completed. These fees must be paid directly to the dental office where treatment is received.

You may renew coverage with Newport Dental at the prevailing rate and for the benefits available at the time your coverage expires. Notice of rates and benefits will be mailed to you at least 30 days prior to expiration of your coverage.